1. S

    Starfield Outposts Guide

    Here is a guide with tips on how to create your Outposts in Starfield. Outposts and outpost management may not be for everyone and it's probably something you should focus on more once you have completed the main campaign. It can be time-consuming. Starting an outpost Before placing an outpost...
  2. O

    How do I know what systems will scan for Contraband?

    I have jumped into a couple of systems, been scanned and had my Contraband spotted. Is there a way to see which systems you are likely to get scanned at?
  3. Jiypon

    If I am not at my Outpost will it be attacked?

    I have been at my Outpost a couple of times since I built it and it's been attacked every time. If I am not there what happens? Will it still be attacked?
  4. C

    How do I solve the Starfield Scorpion Sting Glyph Puzzle?

    I arrived at the site and then there's this floating glyph thing but I am not sure what to do with it. It makes a noise when I activate one of the panels but can't see what it's doing. Do I need an item or something?
  5. O

    How do I get more storage space in Starfield?

    Running out of storage space, maxed out every space I could think of. Is there a way to get more?
  6. A

    What happens to my character when I go NG+ in Starfield

    I'll be getting to the stage of NG+ next week and wanted to know exactly what will change when I get started. Do I lose my skills and traits etc? Is it a complete wipe?
  7. C

    How does lander thrust work when ship building

    Started on my first Starfield ship and wondered what lander thrust did and how it affects ship design. It's not clear.
  8. J

    Selling items to vendors prices typically lower than value?

    I noticed I never get the full price value of an item from vendors. Is there a reason for this? Am I missing something?
  9. O

    Should I set up Outposts?

    Hi everyone. Just joined :) I am wondering it it's worth setting up outposts in Starfield? As resources can just be purchased, is it worth spending time messing with Outposts instead of just buying everything? Resources seem quite cheap at vendors.
  10. Jiypon

    Is it worth using the powers in Starfield

    I have a couple of powers now and is it worth slotting them to a key because i spent quite a bit of time sorting through weapons and adding them to favorites and I have got used to the setup. Do they become essential as you progress?
  11. Jiypon

    Speedier traveling on planets?

    With no planetary surface vehicles, what's the fastest way to move around the surface? It can take so long to get from A to B on some planets and it's driving me nuts :(
  12. H

    When should I start upgrading my ship?

    I am still flying around in the Frontier. I am level 11 now but when should I seriously look at changing or upgrading my ship? I feel I should be working on that sooner rather than later. Also, how should I approach getting a new one?
  13. S

    Starfield Guide and Tips

    Below are tips and guides to getting the most from your Starfield experience. Some may be familiar compared to other Bethesda games but I've included everything I think players should know. As I find more I will add them to the post. I hope these are helpful for some players. The Cutter The...
  14. A

    Follow distortions on the scanner

    I have landed and been running around for ages trying to figure out what to do in this quest. I see the distortions but then they just stop and it's like running in circles :(
  15. Galacticdog

    Where can I see how much XP I need to level up?

    I see the notifications come up when I have hit a new level but where is the indicator to see how much I need to reach the next level?
  16. J

    Have ship parts but they are not being used

    I have ship parts I picked up but they are not activating when taking damage. Any ideas?
  17. P

    Best way of hiding contraband?

    Just started my journey in Starfield and I am going to try becoming a smuggler :) What's the best way to move stuff around and stay undetected when smuggling contraband?
  18. Galacticdog

    What time does Starfield launch tonight (6 Sep)?

    Is the launch time the same as the pre-order launch time and global?
  19. Jiypon

    What are all the benefits to sleeping in Starfield?

    So I used the bunk on the ship and health was restored but are there any other benefits? Does it matter how long you sleep for also? Thanks!
  20. H

    Starfield map usage when navigating

    A big prob I'm having is needing to go back to the map all the time when navigating. Is there a better way?