cyberpunk 2077

  1. Cara

    Do Phantom Liberty side missions and gigs disappear at certain points?

    I have been trying to find a side mission so I can get one of the iconic weapons but I have gone through lots of saves and cannot find it at all. Do some missions become inaccessible?
  2. Missguided

    Reed not calling. How long to wait?

    Got the end of the Phantom Liberty campaign and I am now waiting for Reed to call but I have waited and waited for ages and there's no call. Do you have to do something to get him to call?
  3. Cara

    Bennet can't be killed? Bug?

    So I got to the bit in Phantom Liberty where I have to meet Bennet. After killing the driver and dumping the body, I end up in a fistfight with Bennet. His health bar at the top says 0%. I pump shot after shot into him and nothing happens. I can't seem to kill him. This a bug?
  4. Grux

    How to Get the Phantom Liberty Twitch and Amazon Drops free

    With the help of Cyber Engine Tweaks, the Phantom Liberty Amazon and Twitch bonus items can be added to your game without spending any cash. The commands to use in the console are as follows: Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Preset_Ashura_Twitch”,1) Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Twitch_Drop_Pants”, 1)...
  5. A

    Chimera boss. How do I take it down?

    I have just reached the Chimera Boss in Phantom Liberty and it's getting me every single time. Any tips to get through this?
  6. Cara

    Phantom Liberty not showing up in Steam

    I was gifted the game and it says I have it but I when I go to the page it says buy it. Usually it would say you own this game. O thought you could pre-load it?
  7. Cara

    Can you still play the Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.63 now 2.0 is out?

    I don't want to make the jump to 2.0 yet. Is there a way to keep playing 1.63?
  8. Cara

    What are the Phantom Liberty release times?

    A week away from launch now. Is there a release time yet?
  9. P

    Does anyone know what happens with skill points when the Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update releases?

    The 2.0 update is huge overhaul to the skills. Does anyone know what's going to happen to current builds? Are we getting a complete refund of points and then have to respec?
  10. Missguided

    Is it worth pre-ordering Phantom Liberty now?

    Nice to see the site back :) I am undecided about Phantom Liberty after the mess of Cyberpunk when it came out. Are there any benefits to preordering or should I wait?
  11. Grux

    Released Patch v1.1 - Notes

    Patch 1.1 for Cyberpunk 2077 is now available on PC, consoles and Stadia! In this update we focused on various stability improvements, which you can find outlined in the patch notes below. We will continue this work in patch 1.2 and other upcoming updates. At the same time we will keep fixing...
  12. Grux

    New Official Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot Contest

    Get Snapping
  13. Missguided

    How do I use more than one consumable in Cyberpunk

    I use my X for my MaxDoc but I have lots of other consumables in my backpack that do other things like increase max health and stamina. How do I easily access any of those? I have looked in Settings/Key bindings but no luck. This is PC btw Any help?
  14. Peril

    I can't get out of walk mode in Cyberpunk

    I am walking slower than a normal walk and I can't run at all, Shift doesn't work. I can't find a key binding so I don't know what I have pressed to do this.
  15. P

    How do you holster weapons in Cyberpunk 2077?

    I keep pullling accidently pulling out my weapon. How do you put it away? On PC here.
  16. Peril

    Where are screenshots saved in Cyberpunk?

    I have pressed print screen but I can't find where they are stored. They are not in the User folder or the game folder. Thanks
  17. Johnny Silverhand

    Johnny Silverhand

    Johnny Silverhand relaxes in a diner.
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    Yorinobu Arasaka
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    v - sTREET kID.jpg

    V male Street Kid Attire
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    V female Street Kid Attire