How to increase the FOV above 75 in Alien Isolation and remove intros


    Just because 75 is not enough. Fear not you can increase the FOV and disable the intros.

    FOV is always a hot topic in PC games and with the release of Alien Isolation PC gamers are wondering about the FOV. As Tim pointed out in his PC port early impressions article, the game starts with a low FOV of 47 which is way too low and needs to be increased.

    The game’s max default setting is 75 but that can increased even further with some simple file editing. If you want to take the FOV up to 100 for example all you need to do is edit the ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML which can be found in your Alien Isolation/DATA folder.

    Open the file up and towards the bottom look for the following:

    <Setting name=”Field Of View”>
    <Quality name=”100″ float=”100.0″ precedence=”8″/>
    <Quality name=”47″ float=”47.0″ precedence=”7″/>
    <Quality name=”50″ float=”50.0″ precedence=”6″/>
    <Quality name=”55″ float=”55.0″ precedence=”5″/>
    <Quality name=”60″ float=”60.0″ precedence=”4″/>
    <Quality name=”65″ float=”65.0″ precedence=”3″/>
    <Quality name=”70″ float=”70.0″ precedence=”2″/>
    <Quality name=”75″ float=”75.0″ precedence=”1″/>

    The bolded text is what I have added to the file and when you load the game up the 100 option will be available on the slider. Here’s a couple of shots to show the difference.

    FOV 75

    FOV 75

    alien isolation 2

    FOV 100

    Just for a laugh here’s a FOV of 500.

    Just for a laugh here's a FOV of 500.

    Whoah! 500 baby!

    Here’s another useful tip. If you want remove all the intro movies such as the FOX, CA and AMD logos at start-up, simply head to the DATAUIMOVIES direcdtory and delete or rename AMD_IDENT.USM, FOX_IDENT.USM, and CA_IDENT.USM.

    Hopefully these tips are useful for everyone.

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    1. PC games should come with an option to toggle off splash screens. It’s 2014 and PC gamers are still fighting these things.

    2. Hmm, doesn’t work for me. It says “Float” in-game next to the 100 option and resets.

      1. Double check the code in the XML file and make sure you have all the correct syntax in the right order. It does work as you can see from above 🙂

      2. Copy and overwrite the brackets from the other lines of text and that should fix it.

        Also, don’t be tempted to add extra tabs – this caused a problem with the coding for me.

    3. 75 is way *more* than enough. The number they list is VERTICAL fov, for whatever reason. If you’re going for traditional 90 fov, the 60 setting is roughly that. Above 55 cuts out your character model, so I use that.

      1. That actually explains a lot. Thanks!

        I’m leaving it at 75 simply because I’m used to that now, although the feeling of virtually scraping my head along the ceiling remains disconcerting.

      2. hmm why do the screenshots show the view getting wider then?

        1. What.
          Of course it gets wider. That’s how it works.
          Just google tweak guide Alien Isolation to show you how to set it up so it shows as horizontal.

          1. ha I meant it looks wider horizontally

          2. bah I mean vertically

            1. Leaving aside that “wider vertically” is an oxymoron, as I said Ofc it gets taller as well as wider, that’s how it works.

        2. They also get significantly “taller”, notice.

    4. That’s great thanks mate. I added a fov of 90 too.

    5. For people that think they need high numbers that they don’t understand:
      Alien Isolation uses vertical field of view for the number.
      Why does that matter? Notice how your display’s width is different from it’s height? Proportions come into play and most games use horizontal, so that’s probably what you’re used to. The familiar 90 is 50 in vertical if you’re monitor is 16:9.
      The math would be (HFOV * 9) / 16 = VFOV

      Furthermore, FOV is a real number that you can figure out. It’s just like moving closer to and further away from a window, except the window is your monitor, and how much of your perspective it’s taking up is what matters.

      FOV Guide

      go to

      1. Change “Angle Units” to “r” (radians)

      2. The bottom “Side” will be the monitor’s width (not diag size)

      You can find any monitor’s width here

      3. The two other “Sides” will be the distance from your face to the left side of your monitor and the right side. Yes, you have to get the measuring tape and measure from your face to the sides of your monitor.

      4. Hit Compute and the top “Angle” should be your HFOV! (It’ll be a decimal)
      And of course, use this math (HFOV * 9) / 16 = VFOV
      for the few games that use vertical.

    6. Crashes on load after editing the engine settings file.

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