Wolfenstein: Youngblood Tips

wolfenstein youngblood.jpg

Wolfenstein returned with the co-op focused Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Below are a few tips to help you on your way as either Sophie or Jessica.

Solo or Co-op?​

Not everyone likes playing with other players, and although this is designed as a co-op game, Wolfenstein: Youngblood can be played alone with AI playing the role of the other sister. While not as reactive as a real player it does a reasonably good job at working alongside you.

Crush or Cloak?​

Ultimately it won't matter what you pick as you will get both eventually by purchasing the one you didn't choose, but Crush is probably the most beneficial to start. Crush will allow you to smash open objects like crates and some doors. It's far more useful early on and it can be upgraded to do more damage. Do try and get both as quickly as possible to make life easier.

Pep Signals​

The game's Pep Signals are very useful as a skill that can replenish health and armour. There is no cost to using the Pep Signals but they do have a short cooldown. Not all signals can be used on the move so be aware of that if you are wanting to use one when the situation is dire. Signals include the following:

  • Fist Pump - 15 health and armor points.
  • Fighting stance - Deal double damage for five seconds.
  • Fist Bump - Immunity for 5 seconds.
  • Get up - Resurrect sister from a distance.
  • Crack Knuckles - 50 percent less damage for 10 seconds.
  • Cyborg 1980 - Full armor restored.
  • Martial arts -Full HP restoration.
  • Metal horns - 25 armor points.
  • Thumbs up - 50 health points.
If playing co-op, it would be a good idea for each player to use different signals so as not to duplicate efforts which will increase survivability.

No Saves - Beware and Save Lives​

Save points are few and far between with no checkpoints mid-mission. Die during a mission and you will have to restart it.

Sophie and Jessica share a pool of lives, and once these run out, the mission will have to be restarted. With that in mind, look for extra lives (heart chest objects). A total of three can be saved up.

If both sisters are down, one should bleed out then come back and quickly revive the other. It's important to make sure that both don't die and that you resurrect your sister so lives are not taken from the pool of lives.

Keep each other alive.

Silver Coin Currency - What to improve​

Spend the game's silver coin currency well. Do not squander it. Although there's no real shortage of money, which can be found while exploring and on mission completion, it's best to spend it on weapon upgrades. Same goes for Pep Signals, invest in these for improved bonuses. Do not spend money on skins, it won't help.

Throwing Weapons​

Use throwing weapons such as knives which are highly effective against less armoured enemies. These can also be retrieved once thrown. Heavily armoured enemies can be stunned with throwing weapons so they are still useful.

Use the Right Weapons and Ammo​

Enemies have different types of shield protection and there are different ammo types. It's important you recognise which ammo will be effective against each enemy you encounter. These hard and soft "barriers" are identifiable by the icon next to the enemy ammo counter. Match the right weapon ammo you are using to penetrate these barriers.

The Right Weapon Ugrades​

Weapons types are divided into three brands:

  • Tempo - Rate of fire
  • Nadel - Accuracy
  • Stier - Damage
Upgrade a weapon with a single brand and there is what can be considered a set bonus. Upgrades do costs money so think carefully before taking the plunge as there will be some tradeoffs when creating one of these sets.

Stop Reinforcements​

To make life easier, kill the commander enemies which will stop them from calling in reinforcements.


Check out every area you can. Clear areas out as you might find you can't return to some areas later.

As you level-up, it can be beneficial to return to previously visited areas and use your improved skills to access areas that were previously not reachable. Also, use double jump to reach areas that may be trickier.

Check out everything you can to increase XP from bonus collectibles and other items such as floppies which may have useful information.