Wolcen - How to Kill Chapter One Boss Eldric


Wolcen bosses can be particularly annoying and the first boss that players encounter is Eldric at the end of Chapter 1.

Wolcen Studios decided that beating a boss once was not good enough and in Eldrich’s case, you are going to have to defeat him three times before being able to move on.

This boss fight is split into three parts with Eldrich using different abilities in each part of the fight.

This first boss fight is a good indicator of what the rest of the game’s boss battles are going to be like, lengthy, occasionally annoying and it will likely take more than one attempt to succeed.

Phase 1​

The first round of the battle is the easiest and you need to pay attention to his health bar and the bar below which will indicate when he’s going to become stunned.

First of all, you need to be aware of the telegraphs in this round which includes him dashing forwards with a large shout.

Secondly, he’s going to open a shield and shoot you from behind it. Here you need to either flank behind him to make hits or simply dodge the attack until he stops. You can, of course, stay out of range too to avoid any hits if you're not a melee character.

In the meantime, you need to take out any soldiers that spawn, use these guys as fodder to help boost your health bar. The same goes for the Alastors who spawn later. They will teleport in front of you and it’s indicated by a red line marker so move out of the way. None are too difficult to take out, but you need to keep an eye on Eldric at the same time.

Simply rinse and repeat getting hits in when you can.

Phase 2​

Eldric is still going to charge forwards so you need to dodge any of his advances as in the previous phase.

He will also fire spreading shots so avoid the area of effect which is highlighted by a red cone. All these must be dodged.

Simply put, you need to keep dodging around his telegraphs and get shots in when you can.

Phase 3​

This is the hardest phase. You need to pay particular attention to the ground markings and where not to be when he initiates attacks.

Eldric will come at you with attacks and spins, dodge these as best you can.

Eldric will also leap into the air and again you need to dodge away before he makes the landing.

The toughest attack to deal with is when he heads to the centre of the arena and deploys his shields. He will them rain down attacks which are indicated as red blobs. Avoid these and don’t attempt to attack him while his shields are up.

At the end of each aerial fireball assault, Eldric emanates a huge wave of fire. The only way to stop yourself from being killed by the flame is to roll under it. There is enough of a time gap to prepare to roll. Just make sure you have enough stamina to make the roll.


  1. Watch closely for his telegraphs in each phase.
  2. Dodge and roll like crazy to avoid him landing damage.
  3. Deal with waves of enemies to get health.
  4. Be prepared to have to retry the battle. It can be damn frustrating.
As you continue the journey through Wolcen, the boss fights get trickier but this initial boss fight gives a good indication of what's to come in the next two chapters.