Wolcen – How to Kill Chapter Two Boss Lambach


Prepare yourself for the second Wolcen boss battle which is the Lambach and it's not easy for numerous reasons.

The main issue with this boss battle is the actual play area in which you need to defeat the Lambach. It's wider than it is deep which means a lot of movement is required in quite a small play area in Phase 2 of the battle.

Phase 1​

By far the easiest phase of this boss battle as Lambach is rooted to the centre of the arena.

Lambach will slam its arms into the ground and also swipe, these need to be avoided. Landed slams are going to leave an area you need to avoid as it's now corrupted and that zone will do damage.

Keep an eye out for glowing areas as this where Lambach will spawn additional monsters. Like the chapter one Elric boss battle, try and get rid of these as quickly as possible otherwise they start to become overwhelming.

Watch out for a flashing line which will indicate an incoming straight line attack reaching outwards. Dodge and roll away from these.

Like all boss battles so far in Wolcen, dodging and rolling are key so keep an eye on your stamina.

Phase 2​

It's easy to get overwhelmed by additional monsters in this phase, especially when it comes to the tougher Harvesters. Get rid of these as quickly as you can. It's not easy as the space you have to work in is very tight when taking into consideration having to deal with Lambach's continued attacks.

Lambach will spawn areas of damage indicated by red circles stay out of these at all costs. There is a trick to avoiding these and staying safe. Prior to this attack happening, you will see a green circle spawn and contract. This is a safe zone so move into that zone as quickly and keep sustained attacks on Lambach.

Watch out for tentacles that reach out and move away from these attacks.


  • In phase one get rid of any additional monsters as soon as they spawn
  • Dodge and roll out of radial attacks
  • Keep hitting Lambach when you can
  • In phase two, keep a close eye on the telegraphs and get rid of additional monsters.
  • Keep a close eye out for the green circular safe zone prior to the red blobs appearing.
  • Dodge and roll a lot!