Planet Coaster Cheat Codes

planet coaster.jpg

The following codes will activate the cheats in Planet Coaster from Frontier Developments.

Bollard – User Controllable Go-Karts

Vroom vroom! Race around your tracks all by yourself with this amazing cheat!
How to activate: Rename the Go-Karts track to “BOLLARD” and select the first person ride cam mode of one of the karts. You can then use the W A S D keys to drive the kart yourself (don’t forget to honk with SHIFT!).

Andy Chappell – Increase speed on a kart for a designated guest

Get out of this chap’s way! This speed demon wants victory!
How to activate: Rename a guest to “ANDY CHAPPELL” before entering the ride, for that particular guest’s kart to go faster.

Lockettman – Turn on physics for the Security Guard

Impressed by in-game coaster crashes? Let your security guard do the same to your park guests with this cheat.
How to activate: Rename a security guard to “LOCKETTMAN” to turn on physics which will cause guests to fly off when hit by the security guard during a criminal pursuit.

David Getley – Increase spawn rate of miscreants

Broken benches, chasing criminals, unhappy guests… Disturbances are getting out of hand!
How to activate: Rename a staff member to “DAVID GETLEY” to have an increased spawn rate for miscreants in your park. Think you’re up for the challenge?

James Taylor – Low coaster friction
Let your coasters go just a tad faster with this cheat – for science, of course.
How to activate: Rename a guest to “JAMES TAYLOR” to reduce coaster friction slightly.

Andy Fletcher – No coaster friction
For some real head-spinning action, use this cheat to remove coaster friction ALTOGETHER!
How to activate: Rename a guest to “ANDY FLETCHER” to remove coaster friction completely.

McLinthe – Vomiting bug…
“I shouldn’t have had this CosmicCow Shake before going on this ride…! Chief Beef causing me grief!”
How to activate: Rename a shop to “MCLINTHE” to have all your guests think the “I’ve thrown up” thought, and causing wandering guests to produce vomit on the spot… better hire some cleaners for this one!

TegidCam – Invisible guest camera
We told you it’d be back…
How to activate: Rename a guest or staff member to “TEGIDCAM” to enter the camera mode.

Steve Wilkins – Increase breakdown rate of all rides
Be sure to have enough mechanics around when you try this one!
How to activate: Rename a staff member to “STEVE WILKINS” to increase the breakdown rate of all rides. You won’t notice anything immediately with this one, but if a ride already has a chance of breaking down, that rate will be further increased.

Frontier – Stop rides from breaking down
Farewell technical issues! No more missing out on revenue due to faulty rides!
How to activate: Rename a ride “FRONTIER” to reduce the breakdown rate of all rides to zero!