Just Cause 4 - All the Easter Eggs Guides

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Just Cause 4 features many Easter Eggs including quite a few new ones that have not appeared in previous games. There are some easy Easter Eggs that have made a return such as car number plates and references to Scorpion but we are only looking at the new ones in these guides. The really cool ones are a little trickier to find and you have to know where to look.

Below you can watch videos that show exactly where you need to go to find them. There is a single video with them all included and individual videos if you are looking for a specific one to save you time.

The trickiest one to find and actually get into is the secret mountain moon base but hopefully the video below will help you reach that. It's not easy and we lucked out and managed to make it inside the mountain hideaway on the second attempt.

All the Just Cause 4 Easter Eggs​


Check out the mountain memorials left by the development team.


A quick nod to the popular battle royale.


These weird goats are on a mountain for some reason.

Mile High Club​

A return for the club after its appearance in Just Cause 3. Note the green dancing guy.

Jurassic Park​

Dinosaurs apparently used to be a thing in Solis.

Take on Me​

A great reference to Aha's chart-topping hit that really well done.

Cow Gun​

Mooo! Turn people into cows and turn Rico into one too.


Smash-em-up with the frying pan.

Laughter Track​

Hahahah. Yes, you will be laughed at if you take serious damage.

Small Car​

The teeny tiny car which we crashed a bit too quickly.

Secret Moon Base​

What's going on in here? Break the glass and take a trip to the moon.

Getting over it​

A real tribute that will drive you mad.