Fallout 4 Mini Nuke, Fat Man and Big Boy Location Guide

This is a Fallout 4 Mini Nuke location guide. It will also show you where to find the Fat Man and the more powerful Big Boy that utilise the Mini Nukes.

The Fallout 4 Mini Nuke is the most powerful weapon in the game. They can be fired from a hand-held catapult called the Fat Man or its Legendary version the Big Boy which will fire two Mini Nukes for the price of only one.

The Big Boy can be bought from Arturo in Diamond City, it’s expensive at over 10,000+ caps.

The Fat Man and Big Boy can have the MIRV mod applied changing it to a cluster type weapon. Whilst this modded version has less damage and range its spread is wider which makes it particularly good for reaching enemies above. Modded, The Big Boy shoots two nukes (only using one) high into the air that then form into a cluster of Nukes that rain down on the enemy who could be on top of a building, bridge or a ship for example.

Mini Nukes aren’t that plentiful but there are certain places they can be found and will respawn in many instances after time. Below are details of where you can find Mini Nukes.

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Fallout 4 Mini Nuke and Fat Man Location Details​

LocationMini NukeFat ManDetails

Robotics Disposal Ground
21The Fat Man and 1 Mini Nuke is behind the Sentry Bot laying on the bonnet of a car.

The other nuke is over the other side of the location just outside the gates by a pile of old tyres.

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USAF Satellite Station Olivia
10A short way into the station you’ll find a terminal which you need to hack. You will need to be an Expert Hacker (2 points) to do so. Once hacked the terminal will open the door of a nearby room where you’ll find one Mini Nuke.
Fallout 4 -3.jpgFallout 4 -4.jpg

Outpost Zimonja
11The Fat Man is wielded by Boomer who, if he spots you, will fire his only mini nuke at you. So you need to pick him off from a distance.

He’s well armoured and there are some other weaker enemies with him too. If you kill him before he gets a lock on you you’ll get his Fat Man and the Nuke.
Fallout 4 -5.jpg

Dunwich Borers
20Go to the base of the quarry and follow the passageway down until you get to a wooden door. Once inside go down to the bottom of the tunnels; you’ll go down lots of stair wells.

You’ll eventually come to a terminal with ‘4’ above it, following the last short tunnel to the left of that terminal to a pool. Dive down to the bottom of the pool to a secret cave that has an alter at the back of it with 2 Mini Nukes and a unique dagger Kremvh’s Took.
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Lexington Apartments
10On the other side of the Lexington Apartments building is a blue preservation shelter. Activate to open and the nuke is in there.

Fallout 4 -10.jpgFallout 4 -11.jpg

BADTFL Regional Office
10When you get inside go straight ahead and turn right at the spotlights. Watch out for the turret on the ceiling. The nuke is inside the back room on the floor.

Fallout 4 -12.jpgFallout 4 -13.jpg

Revere Satellite Array
11A Super Mutant Suicider is one of the guards on the giant satellite dishes and if you can take him out before he fires the Mini Nuke, it’s yours. Other than that there is a Fat Man inside one of the dishes.

Fallout 4 -14.jpgFallout 4 -15.jpg

Cabot House
21Down in the basement in the small bedroom you’ll find a Mini Nuke on a chest of drawers and a Fat Man loaded with another Nuke next to the Bed. You’ll have to steal either which is risk especially if Edward Deegan is slept in the bed at the time.

Fallout 4 -16.jpgFallout 4 -17.jpg

USS Riptide Wreck
10The Mini Nuke is on the bow of deck of the boat. Go down to the level the dead sharks are on then go round to the front of the boat and you’ll see it on a pile of rubbish.
Fallout 4 -18.jpg

Malden Center Station
11In one of the makeshift rooms at the end of a tunnel you’ll find a Fat Man loaded with a Mini Nuke.
Fallout 4 -19.jpg

Arcjet Systems
11When you quick jump to the facility don’t go in the front entrance, go around the right hand side of the building and through the back door.

Take the elevator, go straight ahead when you get out and take the last door on the left. This will lead to a grated walkway which you’ll need to jump off down to the walkway below and into the room containing the Fat Man loaded with a Mini Nuke.
Fallout 4 -20.jpgFallout 4 -21.jpg

Boston Mayoral Shelter
21Two locations here in the same area of the facility. You’ll come across an indoor basketball court with a door on the right, in that room at the back on the unit on the left is a Mini Nuke.

The second location is the cave entrance just left of the door way. It’s a small tunnel as you approach the end a Dragonclaw will jump down and attack so be prepared. At the back of that small cave is a Fat Man and Mini Nuke.
Fallout 4 -22.jpgFallout 4 -23.jpgFallout 4 -24.jpg

Diamond City
10This is a difficult one, it’s almost only worth going for for the challenge of it. You reach it from outside Diamond City and make your way via other building roofs to a ledge on the western wall of the City and then hop into a cafe that is unreachable from any other direction. The video shows it better.


Charles View Amphitheater
10This Mini Nuke is inside under the bed. You’ll have to steal it but if you’ve killed all the disciples that won’t be a problem.
Fallout 4 -25.jpg

Fort Hagen
21This can first be found on the quest to locate Kellogg who has kidnapped your son. Inside Fort Hagen is a locked Armory which can be access by hacking the nearby terminal that requires a password to open. The Armory password is in a toolbox in the basement.

Fallout 4 -26.jpgFallout 4 -27.jpgFallout 4 -28.jpg

21Two locations in this abandoned town. 1 Mini Nuke is in the Church up the top of the spire and the other Nuke and a Fat Man can be found in a derelict building to the north end via some outside stairs. Both spots are marked on the Salem map below.

Fallout 4 -29.jpgFallout 4 -30.jpgFallout 4 -31.jpg

Ticonderoga Safehouse
11Located on the 6th floor underneath the stairs is the Fat Man. The Mini Nuke can be found on the top floor, the first room on the right.
Fallout 4 -32.jpg

Fort Strong
30There are three mini nukes located in two different rooms in the Fort. You’ll come across them easily as you’re clearing out each room of loot.
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South Boston Military Checkpoint
21In the back of the green truck you’ll find a Fat Man loaded with a Mini Nuke. Around the back of the building next to it is a locked cage with a terminal outside. You’ll need to be an Expert hacker to unlock the door. Inside you’ll find a full X-01 Power Armor suit (if you’re level 28 or higher) and a Mini Nuke on the ground next to it.
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