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January 24, 201910
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What are the Fallout 76 Nuke Codes for week 22 January?

Looks like we have the code now. All codes are... Silo Alpha 52732787 Silo Bravo 91593623 Silo Charlie 05369989 Now go nuke!

January 24, 20195
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Thanks for the tips. I was too busy exploring and looting which was probably why I was a bit stuck.

December 16, 20182
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What is the best way to find plans in Fallout 76?

I have been finding it hard to find plans. I have found a few cooking plans and not a lot else. Is there a specific or best way to find different varieties of plans?

December 9, 20182
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Is it worth saving bobbleheads in Fallout 76 and how long to they last?

I have been picking up bobbleheads and dumping them in my stash and not sure if I should be using them due to rarity. Is it worth just using them when needed or is there any reason to hold on to them?...

November 29, 20182
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How long do you stay wanted in Fallout 76 PvP?

I was out scouting around and found a sage so I picked the lock. As soon as I picked it, and I am not sure why, I was tagged as Wanted. How long does this stay active because I was not partaking in PvP!...

November 23, 20182
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Is it worth hunting down treasure map locations in Fallout 76?

I have collected a few of these maps now but is it worth going out of the way to hunt the locations down? I assume you don't need to collect them all for them to be active? Anyone found anything of value...

November 21, 20182
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Is the Fallout 76 Kill Evan quest bugged?

Went to the quest marker for Kill Evan and there is just a dead Scorched there. Is this Evan? Not sure what to do as every time I check this, all I get is this dead Scorched. See the image below. Anyone...

November 20, 20182
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How do I get water to make my drinks in Fallout 76

I am finding it really difficult to find Dirty Water to make Boiled Water that I can use to make drinks. I have loads of reagents and wood but it's the Boiled Water I am always short of and I'm only finding...

November 17, 20182
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How do you use the flashlight in Fallout 76 on PC?

I have found some stuff about the console version for the flashlight but it doesn't apply for the PC and there is no keybind option for it so where is it?

November 15, 20182
November 15, 201810