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Are all Fallout 76 characters defintely going to be able to transfer to Survival Mode?

So Bethesda revealed survival mode for Fallout 76. Does anyone know if it's been set in stone that players will be able to carry over normal characters into the new mode. Not particularly liking this idea...

January 24, 20192
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Fallout 76 Power Armor or Regular Armor? What's best?

When I came across power armor early on I only used it occasionally for more speed and it would allow me to carry more but betting fusion cores was a pain so I went back to regular armor. I am level 31...

December 14, 20182
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Does it matter when I dig up treasure from the maps in Fallout 76?

I have quite a few treasure maps now and I was wondering if it really matters when I did up the loot at the map locations?

December 3, 20182
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Anyone else being overcharged for moving a camp in Fallout 76?

I am not sure if this is bug or what but what the pip-boy shows for the price to move a camp is less than is being charged when it's moved. Losing a load of caps when moving my camp around. Anyone else...

November 25, 20182
November 25, 201810