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Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Top Tips


    A selection of tips to help players with Blackbird Interactive’s news land based RTS Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

    Ten Top Tips

    • Use the overlay map (Space). Using the map while in a mission could be the difference between success and failure. Sure the graphics are nice but it’s incredibly hard to control all the units when the battles get frantic. Switch to the map and issue orders for your units.
    • To select all units of as specific type double click on any unit and all units of the same type will automatically be selected.
    • Rachel S’Jet plays an important role in the game and her abilities can be used in different situations. If you’re under fire from a large group of units, use her EMP device to disable them then let your units pick them off. Similarly use her explosive charges on groups of static units to thin them out.
    • Use Rachel to repair units as much as possible. Keep her behind at the back of units under fire.
    • Base Runner turrets are essential. Use these to defend the Carrier with ground fire and AA defence turrets. This is important in the last few missions of the campaign.
    • If a mission asks you to do something, don’t always do it right away. Completing a task can trigger a new event. Take the time to gather resources and set up defences before completing a mission task. This can save you as the mission progresses.
    • Don’t be afraid to use the Kapisi Carrier in attacks. It’s extremely powerful and can take a beating if you manage the power levels carefully. Just keep a very close eye on health. This is a useful tactic in later missions.
    • Aircraft are essential to success in Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Strike Fighters are particularly effective. Make sure you use the map to target enemy vehicles well before they reach your units. Keep sending these out to attack as much as you can throughout the missions.
    • It’s unlikely you’ll be able to research everything so be selective depending on what units you’re using the most. If you’re happy with what’s been researched, make sure most of your Salvagers are collecting CUs and not RUs so you can keep cranking out units.
    • In some missions the enemy Carriers will always follow the same path. Watch what they do then position your forces accordingly. Do not be afraid to pile in with your larger cruisers.

    Check out our mission walkthrough videos.


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