What’s the difference between War Thunder and World of Warplanes?

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    Both these games look similar which one out of the two is the best for a flight sim fan?


    World of Warplanes and War Thunder are COMPLETELY different games. Okay, it might have same types of planes, same types of mechanics and stuff however it is not actually designed for the same type of gamers. I would suggest if you like just cruising around being a freaking noob and wasting a bunch of money on premium currencies on useless crap then chose World of Warplanes. It is an arcade type of shooter and the “frame” of the plane is virtually non existent (there is no separate damage, if you get shot by a bullet and it a wing your entire plane take damage. Also, your plane is almost indestructible and you can’t even land). However, War Thunder, is a  game where your skills is what makes you succeed. Myself is a War Thunder gamer and I managed to shot down a Lancaster bomber with a biplane through pure skills and luck. Unlike  World of Warplanes, you can land on airfields, it is a very important skills as it is required to complete missions, capture the points (domination game mode) and when necessarily repair your plane after an intense combat situation. seriously just get War Thunder and get it over with.

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