What is the best way to find plans in Fallout 76?

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    I have been finding it hard to find plans. I have found a few cooking plans and not a lot else. Is there a specific or best way to find different varieties of plans?

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    The best way that I found is to make sure you look absolutely everywhere as Bethesda really likes hiding things in places you wouldn’t think of, as for a general guidance this is how I get most of my stuff.

    Looting enemies – I think certain enemies have a higher chance of dropping things but not positive.

    Inside containers – Search any and all containers, what item you get is completely random and will be different for everyone.

    Completing quests – You usually get something for completing them.

    Just found out in the world – Search everything you see including but not limited to – tables, shelves, lockers, workbenches, and boxes.

    Hope this helps you!

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    Sean is right. Do all of that. Quests do lead to some good plans to so keep doing them.


    Thanks for the tips. I was too busy exploring and looting which was probably why I was a bit stuck.

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