What are the Fallout 76 launch times?

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    What are the actual launch times for the game? Is it a global launch time?

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    Bethesda has announced the launch times today and they are as follows depending on time zone with the Asia Pacific zone getting it a little later than everyone else.

    Pre-orders are running right now and it’s around 47GB so best get started as soon as you can.

    Los Angeles: 0:01PST November 13th

    Sao Paulo: 12:01 BRT November 14th

    New York: 12:01 EST November 14th

    London 12:01 AM EST November 14th

    Paris 12: 01 AM CEST November 14th

    Moscow: 12:01 AM MSK November 14th

    Singapore: 12:01AM SGT 15 November

    Taipei: 12:01 AM CST 15 November

    Tokyo: 12:01 AM JST 15 November

    Sydney: 12:01 AM EST 15 November

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    Actually, the servers have gone live early. You can play now!

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