What are the easter eggs in Bioshock Infinite?

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    I’ve heared of 1999 mode but are there any more?




    There’s lots of great music in Bioshock Infinite which you need to listen out for.

    • The original Tainted Love song by Ed Cobb and Gloria Jones from 1965 can be heard on the Shanty Town bar Gramaphone.
    • An instrumental version of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper can be heard while walking around Battleship bay. The original can also be heard later in the game so listen out for that.
    • The barbershop quartet near the beginning of the game sing The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”.
    • There is a tear in the world in which you can hear¬†Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater Revival.

    Bioshock Wrench

    The Wrench weapon that was in Bioshock can be found in Infinite. It is by the Vigor for Murder of Crows near the new Gear.

    Arcade machine joke

    Irrational also have a laugh at the Bioshock release date as the game was delayed three times. In the arcade in Battleship Bay there is a game called Flintlock and Elizabeth points out to Booker that it’s the latest thing and was delayed three times.

    A Musical Duet with Elizabeth

    Booker can join in a duet with Elizabeth inside the bar in Shanty Town. Find the guitar in the basement and then interact with Elizabeth. Booker wil play and Elizabeth will sing.

    Unlimited Lockpicks and Cash

    Unlimited money and lockpicks can be achieved but it’s a little convoluted but very useful if you want to unlock everything in the game with ease such as locked doors.

    What you need to do is…

    • Possess the vending machine after leaving the Hall of Heroes.
    • Hop on the Sky line until you see a platform with enemies.
    • Jump off the Sky Line and you can find a lockpick on a wooden plank under the stairs.
    • Go back to the Hall of Heroes and repeat the possession process as the key will have respawned.

    To get unlimited cash, every time you possess the machine you get 40 Eagles.

    Revenge of the Jedi

    At one point Elizabeth will use a Rift and appear outside a theatre where Revenge of the Jedi is playing which was one of the original names for Return of the Jedi.

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