What are the achievements for Sniper Elite 3 on PC?

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    How many and what are the achievements on the PC for Sniper Elite III?

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    The Gazala Gallop – Complete Mission 1

    Wonderwall – Complete Mission 2

    Through the fire… – Complete Mission 3

    No refuge – Complete Mission 4

    In the nick of time – Complete Mission 5

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ratte – Complete Mission 6

    Demolition Man – Complete Mission 7

    Pest Control Specialist – Complete Mission 8

    Oscar Mike – Relocate 100 times

    Make it go boom – Kill 20 enemies by shooting explosives

    Sniping with friends – Complete the campaign in co-op

    Time to reload – Complete the game on Cadet difficulty

    Regular soldier – Complete the game on Marksman difficulty

    Hard as nails – Complete the game on Sniper Elite difficulty

    True sniper – Complete the game on Authentic difficulty

    Casual Reader – Find half of the war diaries

    Archivist – Find all the war diaries

    The gathering – Find all the collectible cards

    Nesting instinct – Find all the Sniper nests

    A shot in the dark – Complete all the long shots

    Nothing is optional – Complete all the optional objectives

    Dedicated soldier – Complete 100% of the campaign on any difficulty

    You’ll try anything once – Play 1 mission in each mode (campaign, challenges, competitive multiplayer)

    Ghost of Tobruk – Clear the mountain pass without alerting the enemy (Mission 1)

    Well, well, well – Hide a body in each of the wells in Gaberoun (Mission 2)

    End of the ‘lein’ – Find and kill the visiting General (Mission 3)

    I Fort this would be difficult – Get to the informant without being spotted (Mission 4)

    I Siwa you did there – Make the target officer’s death look like an accident (Mission 5)

    Double tap – Incapacitate 2 vehicles in Kasserine Pass within 5 seconds (Mission 6)

    Three birds, one stone – Destroy all 3 bomb dumps at the same time (Mission 7)

    Long way down – Throw an enemy off one of the bridges (Mission 8)

    Advantage: Sniper – Get 30 kills from sniper nests

    Definitely no “90-day wonder” – Attain a rank of Sergeant (level 11)

    Officer material – Attain a rank of Second Lieutenant (level 31)

    Through the looking glass – Kill 10 snipers before they see/shoot you

    Hidden and dangerous – Complete a campaign mission without being seen (excluding Tobruk)

    Competitive streak – Play 10 competitive multiplayer matches

    An ode to Rube Goldberg – Get 20 chain reaction explosive kills

    Tagged – Tag 100 enemies or vehicles

    This is my rifle… – Customize 1 rifle

    Prepared for any eventuality – Create and save 4 loadouts

    A few of my favourite things – Get a kill with each offensive item

    Tactical distractor – Distract 20 enemies with flint or rocks

    Wait for it… – Kill 10 enemies with flint-triggered detonations

    Double the distance – Snipe enemies over a cumulative distance of a double marathon

    Conserving oxygen – Hold breath for one hour

    The Everyman – Complete all the challenge missions

    Highly decorated – Earn 1 of every ribbon in competitive multiplayer

    Indestructible  – Complete a mission after losing over 500 units of health

    Charlie’s Challenge – Get a testicle-shot from over 100m away

    Elite fan – Own Sniper Elite, Sniper Elite V2 and Sniper Elite 3

    Threat assessment – Observe the target and correctly choose to leave or kill

    Sweating bullets – Shoot and kill the target

    In the middle – Kill the target with a chain reaction

    Convenience is key – Kill the target by shooting nearby explosive barrels

    Saved by the bell – Crush the target with a bell

    No escape – Kill the target in the vehicle by shooting its weakspot

    Grenadier – Kill the target with a grenade

    Fast-moving target – Shoot the target in his car

    … And stay dead! – Kill the target in 7 different ways

    Herr Charles – Kill the officer at the meeting with a testicle shot

    Surprise, surprise – Complete ‘In Shadows’

    Living in the shadows – Get to the command tent unseen and without killing

    Nothing to lose – Complete the mission without using any healing items

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