Missing carry weight after last Fallout 76 patch. What happened?

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    Just managed to log back in today after the patch and now my carry weight has reduced by a lot. What’s the happened with that? Can’t see any reason for it to change and nothing in patch notes to indicate anything that would change this. Any ideas?

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    The patch notes don’t have anything on this because it’s one of the bugs that appeared following the patch update and it’s a really annoying one.

    Simply put, anything that gives you an additional carry weight stat boost needs to be removed and that’s not just power armor.

    So you need to remove stuff like power armor or anything that boosts the weight stat. Get completely naked removing any armor and then log off and change server.

    Once back in the game reequip all the gear and the weight allowance should be back to normal.

    There appears to be no other workaround at the moment and Bethesda has not hotfixed this bug as of writing.

    It’s a really annoying bug which hopefully will get sorted soon because you have to go through this procedure every time.

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