Is the Fallout 76 Kill Evan quest bugged?

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    Went to the quest marker for Kill Evan and there is just a dead Scorched there. Is this Evan? Not sure what to do as every time I check this, all I get is this dead Scorched. See the image below. Anyone know if this is a bugged quest that was not fixed in the first patch?

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    Following the 19 November patch, I am still seeing this issue where Evan has not respawned.

    What appears to be happening is that if he is killed he doesn’t seem to respawn, even after a long wait.

    There was a workaround suggested that if you joined another server, you may manage to find him alive, although I have not seen any evidence of this myself and I have tried today numerous times to test.

    Therefore, I would consider this a bug or Bethesda need to increase the spawn time. Either way, it’s damn annoying if you are on that quest path.

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