How often does the global market fluctuate in SimCity?

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The Trade HQ description mentions buying low and selling high so how often does the market fluctuate.  I’m interested in growing a clean city and I’ve struggled with making a casino city and mining/drilling takes up so much space I was wondering how possible it was on running a city through mainly market trading?


Daily, so yes you can play the markets if you want.

 Exports § 28/3 29/3
Alloy 42,000  42,000
Coal 6,000  6,000
Computers 184,375  184,375
Fuel 36,500  36,750
Metal 31,500  31,500
Oil 9,000  9,000
Ore 7,500  7,500
Plastic 21,000  21,000
Processors 100,500  100,500
TVs 158,125  158,125

The prices can fluctuate wildly. For example when I wrote a post in the petroleum industry thread the prices were

  • Oil – §4,500
  • Plastic – §12,003
  • Fuel – §21,000

Unfortunately I sold all my fuel and plastic that those prices rather than a day later at the much better prices and I had stocked up a pretty massive supply of both so missed out on a lots of free money.

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