How long do you stay wanted in Fallout 76 PvP?

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I was out scouting around and found a sage so I picked the lock. As soon as I picked it, and I am not sure why, I was tagged as Wanted. How long does this stay active because I was not partaking in PvP! Not sure if this was some sort of glitch or what but I have remain Wanted for ages now.

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Sounds like you picked something owned by someone else.

I am not sure what the exact timing is on the Wanted status but I have seen folk stating everything from hours to weeks.

There is one way to get around this but you need a friend to help.

Get your friend to join the server but do not team up. Get your friend to come to you and then get them then kill you. Once dead just respawn and then team up with your friend. Fast travel to your friend and pick up your bag with your dropped death loot (make sure your friend doesn’t pick it up and just guards it). Once you have done that you are unflagged as Wanted.

It’s not ideal but it works and is a good way to get back your unwanted status when you have done something by mistake. Hope that helps 🙂

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