How do you reset perks in Fallout 4?

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    I don’t mean the S.P.E.C.I.A.L ones that you can reset before leaving the shelter but all the others like Medic, Hacker etc.

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    You can’t and you don’t really need to because there is no level cap so you’ll eventually fill up everything you want.

    You can alter in via the console ( pre ~ to bring up that).

    • Type ‘Player.modav <attribute> <value>’ to mod attributes.
    • Prefix the <value> with a ‘-‘ sign to *reduce* the attributes magnitude. IE, -5 to reduce an attribute by 5 points.
    • Type ‘Player.RemovePerk <perk code>’ to remove perks.
    • Type ‘Player.AddPerk <perk code>’ to add perks to replace the ones you removed.

    Here’s a list of the perk ID numbers <perkcode>.

    Or can download a mod that allows you to reset them all.

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