How do you remap the Just Cause 4 movement keys?

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    Am I missing something or can you actually not remap the WASD keys? Left handed gamer here wondering what Avalanche are thinking if that is the case. The keybinding options seems to be messed up.

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    Square has posted the following update which details some of the upcoming fixes, including the key remapping. It could be two weeks away though.

    Firstly, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Just Cause 4 to date. We’re a small but very passionate team here at Avalanche Studios New York, and each and every one of us has put our hearts into this project for the past three years.

    Due to the complexity of Just Cause 4’s vast open world and advanced physics systems we understand that a number of you are experiencing various technical issues. Even though the game has now launched, this is just the start of our continued support on Just Cause 4. We are actively monitoring your feedback very closely and have a team of engineers at Avalanche Studios working hard on updating and improving the game. Once these fixes have been through internal and first party tests then we’ll be rolling them out ASAP.

    In good news, we are already planning to release the first wave of improvements and aiming to have these available to everyone in the next couple of weeks. Here is an overview of some of the updates we are working on:

    Xbox One & PS4

    • Fixes to some motion blur rendering issues
    • Add a motion blur toggle to the options menu (following user requests)
    • Improvements to the overall visual quality on both Xbox One and PS4
    • Fixes to some texture mapping issues
    • Other graphical improvements, such as smoother vegetation transitions
    • Various stability fixes
    • Lighting updates to some cut scenes


    • Improvements to menu navigation for mouse and keyboard users
    • Support for remapping of movement keys
    • Improved vegetation rendering and asset updates
    • Fixes to some texture mapping issues
    • Increased mouse sensitivity range
    • Corrected specialised vehicle support for mouse and keyboard players
    • Fixed issue with steering flying vehicles with keyboard
    • Numerous stability fixes
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    As far as I am aware, these cannot be remapped which is really weird. The key changing is a bit of a mess and hopefully, Avalanche will sort this out in a patch but there is still no sign of a patch as yet.

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