How do you increase land value in SimCity?

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I need middle class workers.  I have about 5k middle class jobs available but no workers to fill them.

The area I am trying to increase from lower to middle has parks, it’s on a bus route and near a library and school and the buildings are medium density but they won’t increase to medium value still.


Some buildings can affect the area it’s adjacent to, others are neutral. Below is a list I have started and will add to, anyone else can pipe up with their own and I’ll add them also.

Positive effect

City Hall
Fire Station
Mayor’s House
Schools of any type.
Police station

Gambling HQ
Metals HQ
Petroleum HQ


Slightly Negative

Bus terminal
Expo Center
Shuttle terminal
Streetcar Station
Water Pumping Station
Wind Farm Turbines



Recycling Center
All Industrial

You can neutralize some of it however with parks.  For example I have a sewage works and it’s in the dark green zone “Good for High Wealth” because I have three Double Walkway (high level parks) besides the residential and their influence spreads a huge distance.  All the residential is high land value.

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