How do you fast travel in Just Cause 4?

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    I just started playing Just Cause 4 again after the hols and I must have missed something or done something as I have no fast travel option available. How do you make that active because getting around can be slow?

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    I can see how you might have passed over this if you ran off from the early quest line.

    To get fast travel you need to the Illapa Project quest line which is on the Wachikuni region in the central part of the map. This comes after the Wanay Extraction mission where you have to free groups of prisoners.

    All you need to do is activate the quest which will unlock the pilots which are used to drop you into waypoint markers in locations you have already discovered.

    On the map, select a marker with the mouse and there should be an option called Fast Travel which I think is activated with the “R” key on the PC.

    Note there is a Fast Travel cooldown as pilots will need to refuel.

    If you divert from the early quest line missions then you can miss stuff so it’s best to stick to the main missions for a while.

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