How do you change the Metro Exodus FOV on PC?

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    4A has decided to leave out an FOV slider again in Metro Exodus for some annoying reason. Where do you go to change it? What files do I need to edit?

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    File editing is required to change it. Agree, they should know better and add a slider. Anyway, to change it you need to hunt down the user.cfg file which should be somewhere like C:\User\yourname\Saved Games\metro exodus\xxxxxx\user.cfg.

    Once opened in a text editor, look for the following entry which will need tweaked.


    You will probably have to mess with these for a bit to get it to where you want the FOV. Apparently, it used vFOV so you may want to try a number starting at around 70 but don’t push it too high because weird stuff will likely happen 🙂

    Other settings to check for motion blur are.


    Setting these to zero might be an idea.

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