Do you have to play with others in Fallout 76? Can you just play co-op with a friend?

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I am looking forward to Fallout 76 but don’t want to play with randoms on a server but just want to play co-op with a friend. Is this possible?

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Yep, it’s easily done. You just need to use the Social Menu to add a friend and you can hook up. It’s designed for groups so it’s really up to you how you want to play.

Once you are linked up, one person can invite you to the “team” which needs to be accepted and you will spawn nearby and will be able to see your friend on the map (M key). You can, of course, add more people to the group if you want to.

In the start areas there are usually folk running around and are generally quite chatty and some will offer to help new players out.

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