Can you increase the amount of employees in Project Hospital?

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    Assuming you want to expand the hospital, is there a way to increase the amount of employees you can have in your hospital to make a bigger operational hospital?

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    As the game is designed to be modable, the numbers of employees can be increases by changing an entry in the tweakables.xml file

    Look inside your Steam folder…

    (whatever drive)\Steam\steamapps\common\Project Hospital\ProjectHospital_Data\StreamingAssets\Database

    Open the tweakables.xml file.

    and look for the line…

    <GameDBTweakableInt ID=”TWEAKABLE_EMPLOYEE_LIMIT”> <Value>200</Value>

    Change the value to increase it. As far as I can tell the higher the number is set the more there is likely to be a performance hit depending on specs.

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