Ace Combat 7 HOTAS Support not working?

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OK so trying to get my flight stick working with Ace Combat 7 and it’s not working. Does anyone know what the deal is with this? Refuse to play this with a bloody controller. I am trying to get this working with a Saitek X52.

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Work from the developers is that this is a bug and they are in the process of fixing it.

“Project Aces is aware of the problem and working on it.”

“Project Aces recommends that you update the driver of your flight stick. They specifically mention the Thrustmaster T. Flight HOTAS 4.”

There is another workaround which is to map the stick to the Xbox controller settings in Steam.  Steam -> Settings -> Controller.

You need to configure the stick to work as a controller. Not ideal but until this is patched it appears to be the only option. You will have to fiddle around with it until you get something resembling normal flight stick controls.

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