PC Game Release Date List 2018 – 2019


    Session (Microsoft): 2019

    He’s possessed to skate.

    Skull and Bones (Ubisoft): Fall 2018

    Swashbuckling, open world multiplayer pirate title.

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    Shenmue 3 (Ys Net): 2019

    It’ll be a while before we’re taking forklift jobs and looking for more sailors.

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    Star Citizen (Cloud Imperium): Lost In Space

    The much talked about epic PC space game from Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium. We’ve shoved it into development limbo because the way things are going we have no idea when the game will actually be complete.

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    Tunic (Andrew Shouldice): 2019

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    The Wolf Among Us: Season Two (Telltale): 2019

    Bigby will return in another episodic season, due in the second half of 2018.

    The Surge 2 (Deck 13): 2019

    The game will include many of the features from the first game such as the limb targetting but promises to expand on the mechanics in the sequel.

    The Surge 2

    The Quiet Man (Square Enix): 2019

    An immersive story driven cinematic action experience seamlessly blending high-production live action, realistic CG

    Twin Mirror (DONTNOD): 2019

    Dark psychological thriller from the team behind Life Is Strange.

    Psychonauts 2 (Double Fine): 2019

    Psychonauts 2 crowdfunding raised more than 3.8 million and development is well underway. It has unfortunately been pushed back into 2019.

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    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (FromSoftware): Early 2019

    Deom the director of Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Expect fast-action combat.

    Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt): TBA

    From the chaps that brought us The Witcher comes their next big release which promises to be even bigger and better. CD Projekt is not spilling too many beans about this one yet.

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    System Shock (Nightdive): 2020

    Nightdive will be “rebooting and re-imagining” the great System Shock in 2018. Most of the additions appear cosmetic or functional in nature (modern graphics, mouse controls), level design seems like it will largely remain unaltered.

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    Starfield (Bethesda): TBA

    Bethesda’s first new IP in over 20 years. More details to come.

    The Elder Scrolls VI : (Bethesda) TBA

    Highly anticipated and announced at E3 2018. More details to come.

    Wolfenstein Youngblood

    Tells the story of BJ’s twin daughters. This will be a co-op game set in the 1980s.

    Wild West Online (612 Games): TBA

    Red Dead Redemption 2 could be some way off for the PC, if it is even announced for it at all. To help scratch that cowboy itch there’s the MMO Wild West Online.

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    This PC Game Release Dates 2018 – 2019 list is updated regularly. If there is a game missing or you think should be included let us know in the comments below.


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