PC Game Release Date List 2018 – 2019


    December 2018 PC Games

    Just Cause 4 (Avalanche): 4 December

    Rico is back with more grappling action and now weather.



    2019 Onwards PC Games

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (Project Aces): 18 January 2019

    The Unreal Engine 4 powered entry in the Ace Combat series was recently pushed back to 2018.

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    Resident Evil 2 Remake (Capcom): 25 January

    The classic is getting a makeover.

    Tropico 6 (Limbic Entertainment): January 2019

    El Presidente is back, with a different developer at the helm.

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    Trials Rising (Ubisoft): 12 February 2019

    More leaping around over stuff on bikes.


    Anthem (EA) – 22 February 2019

    EA joins the sci-fi shooter online genre with Anthem. Think of something similar to Destiny 2 but from EA with co-op play and loot gathering.

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    Metro Exodus (4A Games): 22 February 2019

    Artyom is the protagonist once more, and the game has the survivors fleeing the ruins of the Moscow Metro “on an epic, continent-spanning journey.”

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    Anno 1800 (Ubisoft) – 29 February 2019

    City building and strategy returns with another Anno.

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    The Division 2 (Ubisoft): 15 March

    The Division heads to Washington DC.

    The Sinking City (Frogwares): 21 March 2019

    The Sinking City is the upcoming open-world third-person action investigation game.

    Re-Legion (1C): March 2019

    Re-Legion is promising a “unique multiplayer experience” with single player modes and it’s set in the year 2083 and it’s played form a classic isometric viewpoint. It looks like it’s a bit like Syndicate.

    Phoenix Point (Snapshot Games): June 2019

    Julian Gollop’s latest game which was easily crowdfunded bringing more XCOM-like gameplay to PC gamers.

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