Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Mission Walkthrough Videos


    We’ve got stuck into the new RTS from Blackbird Interactive Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, and if you are having any problems with the missions, then perhaps we can help. As you know we finish all games before we post a review so to help new players we’ve recorded our full 13 mission review session to show how we completed the game.

    Each video covers a single mission so if there’s one you’re stuck on then select that one so as not to ruin the story. Each mission reveals a key component of the story. Consider all these as major spoilers, and while you will unlikely have the same units left at the end of each mission, these videos should help with tactics.

    We also have a few tips to help players get to grips with some of the tactics if you would prefer not to watch the videos and not reveal any of the story.

    The game is less complex game than you may think but the final few missions can be tricky.

    Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Mission 1 – Epsilon Base

    The Boneyard Walkthrough

    Cape Wrath Walkthrough

    Kharak Kalash Site Walkthrough

    Kalash Wreck Walkthrough

    Baladin Dune Sea Walkthrough

    Gaalsien Base Walkthrough

    Tombs of the Ancients Walkthrough

    The Whispering Gallery Walkthrough

    Khashar Approach

    Khashar Plateau Walkthrough

    Torin Crater Walkthrough

    Khar-Toba Walkthrough


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