FIFA 15 PC: Smooth 60fps with AMD and Nvidia Guide


    As part of the IncGamers FIFA 15 review process, I’ve had to dick around with various in-game and third party settings to obtain smooth 60fps gameplay. Since the review itself isn’t ready to go yet (I’ve only had code for about 24 hours,) and the game is coming out in Europe today, I thought I’d contribute to society by sharing my findings on how to eliminate frame drops and micro-stutter.

    This guide should help anybody who has adequate system specs to run FIFA 15 at 60fps or above. If you’re trying to run the game on a machine that’s under EA’s recommended specs then this probably won’t help, and the stuttering is probably just standard frame-rate drops.

    The Problem

    Last year’s FIFA 14 had one additional option in the PC launcher settings menu that, as it turns out, may have been fairly important. It’s the “wait for vsync” option, and you might just about be able to make it out in the image below.


    Wait for Vsync. No longer an option in FIFA 15.

    For many people, the best way to get smooth, 60fps gameplay in FIFA 14 was to uncheck that vsync option, lock to 60 in the settings and then enable vsync on either the Nvidia or AMD control panel.

    Unfortunately, FIFA 15 doesn’t currently allow that option. Locking to 60fps in settings also applies whatever weird (and apparently quite crap) vsync method EA has opted for. No matter what Vsync options I select in Catalyst Control Center for my HD 7870 card, choosing the locked 60fps gives me frame stutters in-game.

    An additional frustration here is that, for whatever reason, choosing that locked 60fps option puts all the goal kick, free kick and penalty situations in 30fps. This looks and feels a bit weird and shit.

    Unlocking the frame-rate solves the 30fps free kick problem, but makes matters even worse over the rest of the pitch. At least it did for me. During play, it produced even more stuttering and even resulted in quite lengthy gameplay pauses. Not terribly playable.

    fifa15 2014-09-25 20-46-19-35

    A mighty League One clash. Capturing the screen adds a slight dip, so that’s why it says 58 in the corner.

    First Step

    Disable the Origin in-game overlay. The option to do this is in Origin’s Application Settings, in the ‘Origin In Game’ tab. The overlay is known to cause lag problems, so you may as well get it out of the way.

    The AMD Solution

    I’ll cover AMD first, since I actually have one of their cards and I’m able to confirm the solution first hand.

    Download and install the third-party software RadeonPro. If you’re an AMD user, you may well already have it. I had no luck at all using Catalyst Control Center’s Vsync options, so you really will need RadeonPro.

    Open it up and add a new profile by selecting the “add new profile” button (it’s the page icon with a green cross.) Find your FIFA15.exe in the relevant folder, most likely at C:/Program Files (x86)/Origin Games/FIFA 15 or similar.


    Here are my RadeonPro settings as of 18 Nov 2014. Click for a larger version.

    Select the ‘Tweaks’ tab over on the right hand side and change the “Vsync control” drop-down to “Always On.” Change the “Display Refresh Rate” value to 60hz. Check the “Triple Buffering” box too. Then check the “Dynamic Framerate” box and put 60 in as the value. Press return to make sure it sticks (you can check with the values at the bottom.)

    If that doesn’t work, try unchecking the Dynamic Framerate box and selecting “Lock frame rate up to monitor’s refresh rate” instead. I’ve found success with both options.

    Update 18/11/14: After a lot of messing around with this post-patch, I’ve found that also enabling “Force High Process Priority” under ‘Tweaks’ and “Force Triple-Buffering (Open GL)” under the ‘Advanced’ tab give the best results. You’ll still get somewhat jerky free kicks and goal kicks, but it smooths out the main gameplay pretty well. The rest of the original article follows …

    In FIFA 15‘s launcher options make sure “no limit on FPS” is selected. RadeonPro will be taking care of that now. You can check the “disable Windows Aero Theme” box too if you like, but I’m not sure if that makes much difference. I have it checked.

    You should now be able to play pretty much micro-stutter free at a solid 60fps. There may still be very rare dips into the 57-59 range that’ll register as a stutter, but it’ll be a great deal better than before. Certain replay cut-scenes will still dip back to 30fps, but that should be a fairly minor annoyance. I’m not sure if it’s possible to prevent the engine doing that.

    fifa15 2014-09-25 20-47-08-26

    Oh my god, a corner at 60fps. Again, 58 due to me taking a screenshot.

    Once you have nice, stable gameplay you might want to experiment with some of RadeonPro’s anti-aliasing options to remove some of FIFA 15’s jagged edges. Any time you want to play FIFA 15, open up RadeonPro first and make sure the FIFA 15 profile you created is selected.

    If at any time RadeonPro isn’t opening, type “services” into your start menu search bar (assuming you’re on Windows 7,) open up the top entry and then find “RadeonPro Support Services” in the list. Right click it and select ‘Start.’ This is a weird start-up bug which crops up every now and then.

    The Nvidia Solution

    A disclaimer here. Since I don’t have an Nvidia card, I’m going by other people’s online reports of success with these methods. They seem pretty consistent.

    Luckily, it seems to be a bit easier with Nvidia. You won’t need any third-party software. Just open up the Nvidia Control Panel and set some specific options for FIFA 15.

    Locate ‘Vertical sync’ and change it to “Adaptive.” Some Nvidia users have said you should disable “multithreaded optimisation” and OpenGL triple buffering as well. You may wish to experiment with those. Adaptive Vsync is the key here though, I think.

    fifa15 2014-09-25 19-40-15-56

    I don’t have a relevant Nvidia shot, so here’s Jonathan Forte scoring a cheeky chip.

    As with the AMD cards, run FIFA 15 with the “no FPS limit” option from the game’s settings launcher. Select the ‘disable Aero’ option too (this part may actually make no difference, but personally I have it disabled.)

    Again, since I don’t have an Nvidia card I’m unable to directly test this method, but the general gist of both these solutions is to disable FIFA 15‘s own Vsync method (which you can only do now by setting “no fps limit”) and forcing your own Vsync through the GPU.

    Hopefully this guide has helped, and your FIFA 15 balls are now silky smooth at 60fps and free from the dreaded micro-stutter.

    Update: The IncGamers review of FIFA 15’s PC version is now up.

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    1. I can confirm that setting Vsync on my Nvidia GTX760 smooths everything perfectly.

      1. Tempest – Good to hear, thanks for confirming that!

    2. thx bro fkcing thank you bro!!!

    3. Both RadeonPro and CCC do not work to enable vsync for me, still getting over 120fps and lots of stuttering. Running Crossfire HD5870s. I’ve tried disabling crossfire and it makes no difference.

    4. To update I fixed the issue. Make sure you have steam/impulse/origin enabled in the “launcher” tab or RadeonPro.

    5. Hopefully AMD will provide a decent driver update for fifa 15. Because even following your method doesn’t solve it fully.

      1. Domi – Yeah, that would be ideal. I don’t think they ever did one for FIFA 14 though.

    6. Hello

      Your solution for Nvidia cards (GTX 750 in my case) Didn’t worked
      someone has any idea when ea is going to fix this or is it my PC

      Thx in advance

      4GB Ram
      Geforce GTX750
      Intel Pentium CPU G3240 3.10 GHz

    7. ive tried doing it but i still get 120fps above even if VSYNC AND DYNAMIC FRAME CONTROL IN ENABLED. WHAT TO DO???

      I7 4770K
      GIGABYTE R9270X 4GB
      8GB RAM

    8. This works like a charm, i have an AMD processor your fixes made the game smooth,
      Sometimes the Audio still lags any solutions for that ?? 🙂

      Cheers you are a hero

    9. Guys, could you please help me? I have an amd card, i followed all the instructions, but when i am using RadeonPro fifa 15 shows only a black screen. What is this???

      1. Pawel163 – I’m not really an expert with all of RadeonPro’s quirks, unfortunately. But having looked around, this was the closest I could find to the same problem (although it was happening to FIFA 14) –

        Try clicking on the FIFA 15 profile you’ve made in RadeonPro, then selecting the “Launcher” tab and finding Steam/Impulse/Origin in the drop-down menu. I have no idea if that will solve the black screen, but it might.

    10. Hey I have AMD to and im trying you’re way seems as EA have not brought out an update, and I think you should do a youtube video of this to make it abit clearer, but so far the best chance of a fix here

    11. I can get 60fps in the menu screen and loading screen. But I can only get max 20fps when playing a match. How can this be solved?

    12. I love to play this game and play Rush of Rune while I am waiting 😀

    13. What driver was used in the test. did not work on amd 7970 here.

    14. Thanks, works like a charm!

    15. Anyone running fifa on a 120/144 hz monitor @ 120 FPS ?

    16. Anyone running fifa on a 120/144 hz monitor @ 120 FPS ?
      Please share settings and system you run it on

    17. using radeon pro and game settings unlimited FPS
      the FPS up to 200 when i playing, is this the radeon pro is not work?

      1. the same

      2. same here :S

      3. I have the same issue, Radeon Pro seems to not work at all, my game still in a glitchy inconsistent speed, never below 80FPS, but it’s annoying in the same game the speed goes faster, slower, faster, slower, faster, slower, etc.

      4. I solved here, followed these steps, they’re in Portuguese, I found in gamevicio’s website, translate it with Google:


        1: Baixe o RadeonPro
        2: Adicionar o executável do fifa em perfil
        3: Em visual deixe assim: Anti-Aliasing substituir coniguraçoes> 4x
        Filtro Multisampling
        Modo Adaptive
        Filtragem subistituir >16x
        Tesselation amd otimizado
        Vsync Sempre ligado

        4: Avançado deixe: os 4 primeiros marcados
        Textura Alta Qualidade
        Mipmap Alta Qualidade
        Fila de troca 0

        5: Em ajustes: Vsync sempre ligado..forçar triple buffering 60hz…controle dinâmico manter até 60 fps..Forçar alta prioridade( a opçao está mais em baixo)

        6: Em launcher selecione custom e em executavel selecione fifaconfig.exe( fica na pasta fifa setup detro do jogo)

        Vai no radeon pro, la em cima tem uma engrenagem de configuração

        7: no catalyst control center deixe as opçoes em padrao

        8: execute o fifa e vá em configuraçoes e desative o msaa, deixe sem limites de fps e desmarca a opçao de tema..

        Maque a opção Use WMI/System registry to detect hardware e clica em salvar

        Aqui deu certo”


    18. This article helped me greatly. And I can report that with an Nvidia GT750, I got great results by implementing all three: ‘Vertical sync’ it to adaptive, disable “multithreaded optimisation” and OpenGL triple buffering. Slightly different wording in the actual Nvidia control panel, but you will figure it our. Thanks for the assistance!

    19. Thanks.. lag is reduced but still not 60fps also lock frame rate option not working for me, I am using radeonpro + Cortex booster. any suggestions?

    20. AMD A8 6410
      3 GB graphics AMD Radeon R5
      8 Gigs of ram DDR3
      Windows 8.1
      Still I am getting an FPS of 25-40!
      What should I do? What should be my game settings?

      1. Hi there. I’m not sure which R5 card you have, but this benchmark site shows most of the R5s struggling on FIFA 15 (scroll down for the big list) –

        The minimum AMD (desktop) card for FIFA 15 is an AMD Radeon HD 5770. I have no idea how that directly compares with the one you have, but judging by the benchmarks at the site above I think the problem might be your laptop GPU.

        That’s just my best guess though.

        1. It has dual graphics. A Total of 3 Gigs.
          The R5 is supposedly 230M.

          Please help me.

    21. thanks man this really helpd . gameplay smooth and sexy lol

    22. Logged in just to say THANKS! The solution for AMD worked like a charm!

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