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    reviewed and updatedWhile most Fallout 4 fans were just wanting to get into the game as quickly as possible, mod makers were keen to get cracking on their own areas of expertise. Mods started to surface in the first few hours of the game’s release, and we’ve been diligently collecting some of the notable ones. And, yes, the inevitable nude mod too.

    We’ll be revisiting this page periodically, and updating the list with any fun or crucial-sounding new Fallout 4 mods.

    Last updated: 13 January 2016.

    ULG – Ultra Low Graphics Mod

    Fallout 4

    PC gaming is usually about squeezing the absolute best graphics out of your hardware, but low-end performance is always a popular topic too. While most players with ninja PCs were keen to make everything as detailed as possible, not everyone who wants to play Fallout 4 can manage it. This is where ULG comes in, and as the mod author states, it’s mainly a tweak to decrease certain graphics features. These include the removal of shadows, reduction of draw distances, and disabling of both AA and AO, to name a few of the tweaks. Worth a look if your PC is struggling. Get the mod.

    Enhanced Wasteland


    On the opposite end of the graphics tweaking spectrum you have Enhanced Wasteland. This is a Reshade/SweetFX preset which makes the whole game look more vibrant (see more before and after pics). To install this you will need to download the files and then drop them into your Fallout 4 installation directory. All you then need to do is launch the game and these presets will become active.

    Fallout 4 – Texture Optimization Project

    falluot 4 textures

    The idea behind this mod is to improve the framerate without ruining the integrity of the textures. The mod author has replaced the high-resolution textures with properly compressed and resized textures. Grab it here and read the notes.

    Legendary Enemy Spawning

    Fallout 4

    Perhaps you want more of a challenge or want to get your hands on mode Legendary loot? The Legendary Enemy Spawning mod increases the percentage chance legendary enemies appear. The percentage changes depending on your difficulty setting as follows:

    • Super Easy: Legendary Enemies appear 0.25x as often relative to normal.
    • Easy: Legendary Enemies appear 0.5x as often relative to normal.
    • Normal: Base chance to appear.
    • Hard: Legendary Enemies appear 1.5x as often relative to normal.
    • Very Hard: Legendary Enemies appear 2.0x as often relative to normal.
    • Survival: Legendary Enemies appear 3.0x as often relative to normal.

    If you don’t want them at all, you can even disable them completely.

    Get the mod

    Fallout 4 Seasons Mod

    Fallout Seasons Mod

    For some extra realism this mod will bring seasonal changes to the wasteland. The mod comes with a warning that it may drop your FPS but if you have the power in your PC then give it a shot. Grab it here.

    Remove Scan Lines and Effects from Pip-Boy and terminals

    If your eyesight is as dodgy as mine then any weird screen effects can just be annoying. Thankfully with some tweaks to the ini file, you can remove scan lines from the Pip-Boy screen.

    To do this go to c:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Prefs.ini

    Look for the [Pipboy] heading int he file and then add:


    You can also scale it by using the right mouse button when Pip-Boy is activated. Another one of those undocumented control features.




    The Homemaker mod expands what#s available to build with in your settlements and adds over 800 new fully-balanced objects to craft. An ideal mod to make settlements a lot more interesting.

    Unlimited Settlement Objects

    Fallout 4 - 23

    This mod will remove the restriction of “size” on settlements allowing you to add as many objects as you want. What this mod does is “freeze” the object meter so you have to make sure it’s not maxed out when you apply this. As this mod uses Cheat Engine, the maxed out issue can be overcome and you can find out how to fix that when you grab the mod. Just read all the docs carefully.

    Increase Map Brightness

    Fallout 4

    Another visual interface tweak, where you can increase the brightness of the map by 25% or 50%. Grab the files here and follow the ini setting changes.

    The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition

    Fallout 4

    Syrim fans will be familiar with this mod and it’s now here for Fallout 4. This simply makes the eyes look a lot more vibrant. Or like you’re a heavy spice-user from Dune. Grab the mod on this page.

    Any Mod Any Weapon

    any mod any weapon

    Go crazy with your weapons. This mod allows you to craft and attach any non-melee weapon mod, on any non-melee weapon. The mod creatoe says “It’s not balanced, not imersive, and might even affect the non-unique weapons carried by enemies you find in the wild or on stores.”

    Ghost White Dogmeat

    Fallout 4

    Awwww, it’s a dog in a videogame. If Dogmeat is looking a little too rough then you can always turn him white and pretend you’re Jon Snow. A texture change is required and all the instructions are available on the download page.

    Old Dogmeat

    fallout 4

    If you want to age Dogmeat then this is the mod for you. In this form, he has Heterochromia. Like David Bowie.

    Remove Dogmeat’s Whining Audio


    As an animal lover I find it distressing when I hear Dogmeat whimper in pain so if you’re also a big softie then you can stop the whimper audio with the Remove Dogmeat’s Whining Audio mod.

    Update: Dogmeat can be completely silenced now with this mod.

    Batch file All the Junk

    fallout 4

    This simple batch file execution from within the game can supply you with a load of junk for crafting purposes. You simply download the batch file, drop it into your Fallout 4 directory and execute it from the console which is accessed using the tilde key (`) . That’s to the left of the number one on the keyboard in case you were wondering. Once the console is up just type bat mats or bats ammo and voila. Grab the file.

    No Screen Blood Splatter

    Does the sight of blood churn your stomach? This mod will simply remove screen blood splatter when you’re injured. This can also be done with an ini file edit, but in case the ini file resets at any point, the mod method will make it stay active.

    If you prefer to do it by changing the ini file check the Fallout4.ini and look for. Make sure you set it to zero as below.

    [ScreenSplatter] bBloodSplatterEnabled=0

    You can also disbale ALL gore in the same ini file by setting:


    Enhanced Blood Textures

    fallout 4

    If on the other hand you want more realistic blood then Enhanced Blood Textures will do the trick. This will replace the combat and screen splatter blood. The textures can be grabbed from this page.

    The Pink Pip-Boy

    falllout 4

    It’s the Pip-Boy every fashion-conscious (well …) explorer should have. Probably not the best idea if you are really trying to stay hidden but it’s good fun. Grab it here.

    The Nuka-boy 3000

    Fallout 4 pipboy nuke

    Nothing like some good product placement slapped on that wrist. Nuka-Cola caps all over. Grab the mod.

     Vault 111 Pip-Boy

    Fallout 4 Vault 111 Pipboy

    Vault 111 apparently has its own PipBoy version now and it’s yellow. It’s quite fetching.

    Black Pip-Boy

    black pipboy

    Want to look mean? The Black Pip-Boy with its red screen is the perfect device for you.


    1. Isle of Man flag is pretty random. Cool flag.

    2. I’d like to be able to ride a motorbike. I can understand perhaps a car doesn’t fit with the whole apocalypse scenario, although I think survivors would have rigged up some sort of transport ala Mad Max by now. A bike, I think, would fit nice though.

    3. Isle of Man flag is pretty random. Cool flag.

    4. I’d like to be able to ride a motorbike. I can understand perhaps a car doesn’t fit with the whole apocalypse scenario, although I think survivors would have rigged up some sort of transport ala Mad Max by now. A bike, I think, would fit nice though.

    5. Full Dialogue Interface should be first, unplayable without this 😀

    6. Full Dialogue Interface should be first, unplayable without this 😀

    7. The Fallout 3 Radio link appears to be dead.

    8. The Fallout 3 Radio link appears to be dead.

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