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Fallout 4 Achievements Guide


    Here is a list of Fallout 4 Achievements, the points rewarded and details of what to do to earn them.

    …The Harder They Fall fallout 4 achievement the harder they fallKill 5 Giant CreaturesBronze
    …They’re Action Figures fallout 4 achievement they're action figuresCollect 20 Valt-Tec BobbleheadsSilver
    Ad Victoriam fallout 4 achievement ad victoriamComple ‘Ad Victoriam ‘Silver
    Animal Control fallout 4 achievement animal controlKill 300 CreaturesBronze
    Armed and Dangerous fallout 4 achievement armed and dangerousCreate 50 Weapon ModsSilver
    Benevolent Leader fallout 4 achievement benevolent leaderReach Maximum  Happiness in a Large SettlementBronze
    Blind Betrayal fallout 4 achievement blind betrayalComplete ‘Blind Betrayal ‘Bronze
    Born Survivor fallout 4 achievement born survivorReach Level 5Bronze
    Commonwealth Citizen fallout 4 achievement commonwealth citizenReach Level 10Bronze
    Community Organizer fallout 4 achievement community organizerBecome allied with 3 different settlementsBronze
    Dangerous Minds fallout 4 achievement dangerous mindsComplete ‘Dangerous Minds’Bronze
    Fix-Er-Upper fallout 4 achievement fix-er-upperBuild 100 Workshop itemsBronze
    Future Retro fallout 4 achievement future retroPlay a Holotape gameBronze
    Gun-For-Hire fallout 4 achievement gun for hireComplete 10 side questsSilver
    Homerun! fallout 4 achievement homerunScore a home runBronze
    Hunter/Hunted fallout 4 achievement hunter/huntedComplete ‘Hunter/Hunted ‘Bronze
    Institutionalized fallout 4 achievement institutionlizedComplete ‘Institutionalized ‘Bronze
    Legend of the Wastes fallout 4 achievement legends of the wastesReach Level 50Silver
    Loveable fallout 4 achievement loveableReach maximum Relationship Level with a CompanionBronze
    Mankind-Redefined fallout 4 achievement mankind redefinedComplete Mankind-RedefinedBronze
    Masshole fallout 4 achievement massholeKill 300 peopleBronze
    Mercenary fallout 4 achievement mercenaryComplete 50 miscellaneous objectivesSilver
    Never Go It Alone fallout 4 achievement never go it aloneRecruit 5 separate CompanionsBronze
    Nuclear Family fallout 4 achievement nuclear familyComplete ‘Nuclear Family ‘Silver
    Old Guns fallout 4 achievement old gunsComplete ‘Old Guns ‘Silver
    Powering Up fallout 4 achievement powering upComplete ‘Powering Up ‘Bronze
    Prankster’s Return fallout 4 achievement prankster's returnPlace a grenade or mine while PickpocketingBronze
    Prepared for the Future fallout 4 achievement prepared for the futureDecide the Fate of the CommonwealthGold
    Print’s Not Dead fallout 4 achievement print's not deadRead 20 MagazinesBronze
    Ranger Corps fallout 4 achievement ranger corpsDiscover 100 locationsSilver
    Reunions fallout 4 achievement reunionsComplete ReunionsBronze
    RobCo’s Worst Nightmare fallout 4 achievement robco's worst nightmareHack 50 terminalsSilver
    Rockets’ Red Glare fallout 4 achievement rockets' red glareComplete ‘Rockets’ Red Glare’Bronze
    Sanctuary fallout 4 achievement sanctuaryComplete ‘Sanctuary’Bronze
    Scavver fallout 4 achievement scavverGather 1000 resources used in CraftingBronze
    Semper Invicta fallout 4 achievement semper invictaJoin the Brotherhood of SteelBronze
    Taking Independence fallout 4 achievement taking independenceComplete ‘Taking Independence’Bronze
    The First Step fallout 4 achievement the first stepJoin The MinutemenBronze
    The Molecular Level the molecular levelComplete ‘The Molecular Level’Bronze
    The Nuclear Option fallout 4 achievement the nuclear optionComplete ‘The Nuclear Option’Silver
    They’re Not Dolls… fallout 4 achievement they're not dollsCollect 10 Valt-Tech BobbleheadsBronze
    Touchdown! fallout 4 achievement touchdownScore a touchdownBronze
    Tradecraft fallout 4 achievement tradecraftJoin The RailroadBronze
    Underground Undercover fallout 4 achievement underground undercoverComplete ‘Underground Undercover’Bronze
    Unlikely Valentine fallout 4 achievement unlikely valentineComplete ‘Unlikely Valentine’Bronze
    Unstoppable Wanderer fallout 4 achievement unstoppable wandererReach Level 25Silver
    War Never Changes fallout 4 achievement war never changesEnter The WastelandBronze
    Wasteland D.I.Y fallout 4 achievement wasteland diyCraft 100 itemsSilver
    What’s Yours is Mine fallout 4 achievement whats yours is minePick 50 locksSilver
    When Freedom Calls fallout 4 achievement when freedom callsComplete ‘When Freedom Calls’Bronze

    Fallout 4 Automotron DLC Achievements


    Robot Hunter

    Unlock 10 Robot Mods


    The Most Toys

    Build 10 Robot Mods



    Complete Head Hunting


    Mechanical Menace

    Complete Mechanical Menace


    Restoring Order

    Complete Restoring Order

    This table will be updated if there are any changes to the Fallout 4 achievements.


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