Dying Light Easter egg guides – Here’s everything so far


    Techland obviously love their Easter eggs in Dying Light. If you want to know where they all are then watch these.

    Gamers have been losing themselves in the zombie infested city of Harran, and while they’ve been leaping around drop-kicking and smashing zombie heads with pipes and other lethal weapons, there’s quite a few little bonuses to be found. There’s everything from a secret Mario level to dancing zombies but you need to know where to find these little gems and it’s not always easy in the cramped city layout with its shacks and buildings.

    How do you find these? Thankfully players such as xGarbett have been capturing everything they’ve found and recorded the action. If you’re looking for some extra entertainment and not sure where to find all these little bonuses, then watch the guides below for each Easter egg as they show you the process and highlight the locations on the map. If anything it’s an incentive to keep playing Dying Light and uncover more of the city while you level-up.

    Dancing Zombies

    Call of Juarez

    Exploding Teddy

    Right Hand of Glova Easter Egg

    Silence of the Lambs


    Light Korek Machete

    Super Mario

    Plants vs Zombies

    The Last of Us

    Destiny Loot Cave



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