DayZ Standalone controls to get you started – A quickie guide



    For some odd reason I was compelled to play DayZ Standalone for the first time this morning. Having only dabbled a little with the original game it seemed a good idea to find out what Dean Hall and the Bohemia crew have been up to all these months.

    Starting out in a really bleak town my objective was to find stuff, any stuff, anything I might need. It’s not easy though if you’re new to the game and have no idea what the controls are.

    As this is an Alpha version, documentation is sparse and not all the keys are in the settings panel. To make life a little easier for any new players, here’s a list of the controls you’ll need when starting out.

    • TAB – Inventory
    • F – Use Flashlight – You will have to add the battery to the Flashlight first to make it usable. Use SPACE to point it.
    • Shift – Walk/Run. Double tap shift to continually run.
    • V –  Jump or step over low objects such as fences.
    • Punch – Hits space  to raise hands and left click to punch
    • 1-9 Switch between items in the hotbar.
    • Weapons – Drag from inventory to action bar. Space to ready weapon. Right click to zoom with the weapon. Rel0ad  with middle button
    • ENTER – Switch betwee 1st and 3rd person
    • X – Crouch
    • C – Stand
    • Z –  Go prone
    • F1 –  Emote wave
    • F2 – Hands up to show you are friendly
    • F3 – sit down
    • Middle mouse button – climb down ladders
    • P- List players
    • Q – Lean left
    • E- Lean right
    • CAPS – Activate mic for voice
    • / – Open Chat

    I didn’t fare too well this evening, I opened a door just after I spawned and got attacked by a zombie and I started bleeding everywhere. The guy next to me (thankfully he was a friendly chap) told me to strafe and sidestep around the attacker because at the moment they can’t seem to hit when you’re dancing around them. If only I’d known that at the start.

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    1. Pro Tip: Don’t even try to use ladders… trust me…

    2. thanks, i didn’t even know you could jump, it was really pissing me off too lmao.

      1. Yeh, I have to admit it took some time messing about with stuff to get the list sorted. My mic was set to broadcast for about 30 mins before I could turn it off at one point. Thankfully I had it muted any way :p

    3. Thanks, I should be able to use the flashlight and compass again now that I know space is what caused my hands to always go down and out of useful view.

    4. I have some corrections that should be of help here.

      F – Context key. This includes going up and down ladders, opening/closing doors, and turning on/off the flashlight. It defaults to a particular action depending on the situation (actions like opening and closing doors will have an on screen indicator of and >|< respectively). Examples of default actions: You equip your flashlight and are not near any doors or ladders. F will turn it on/off. Face a closed door and you see appear on screen. F will open the door. >|< to close a door.

      Shift – Walk/Run. Double tap shift to toggle run/walk.

      Middle mouse button – Middle mouse button is like the context key. Scrolling the mouse wheel allows cycling through available actions, if any.
      Example: flashlight is equipped and your facing a closed door. Scroll mouse wheel to select either "Open door" or "turn on flashlight". Press MMB to perform selected action.

      Q/E – In addition to leaning left/right, when prone, roll left/right.

      Many of the key bindings have remained the same coming from the Arma II Mod. As far as I can tell, only the inventory button and F has changed. Inventory was G in the mod, now Tab in standalone and F was firemode in the Mod and is now context key in the standalone. This leads me to think R can also be used to reload your weapons, but I haven't found a gun in game yet to test this out.

      1. Huh, the characters I typed for opening doors isn’t in my comment. should be

    5. As a lefty gamer these controls were an utter nightmare. Spent 30 mins rebinding everything haha. Also Kaotix speaks the truth. I learnt quickly that ladders need to be treated with caution. Made a splat on the ground on my first attempt at climbing down from a tall rooftop!

    6. I login now and my hunger etc, right side hud is gone, any toggle to get it back? I know items is ~ at least.

      I don’t know if I’m hungry!!!?!?!?!11!11!1!!!one?!!!!1!


      1. So apparently, it only comes up when you need to care about it:

    7. I cant see it even when i’m wounded and bleeding

    8. People dont forget to add a key for 3rd person view. i think normaly its set on ENTER
      not all servers have this but those that do usually say so in the title.

    9. For people that are new to it. Factorys (big 3 story open buildings) and offices (feature 3 storys aswell and have stairs that go up 2 floors in the middel) usually have weapons like fire arms.

      also fire stations. but i guess you dont know what those are unless you play the game. theres also a map of the game online. you can find it just use google. it shows the map and all the spawn points for all the loot aswell as wather wells etc. also if you are in a firestation, office building (the top floor has 1 room that ALWAYS has a firearm) and nothing is there. just stay there and exit. log on to another server and see what that server has in the room. chance is going to another server will have a room that hasnt been looted yet. so you can find your weapon.

      also you will learn that finding directions will be an important thing. find a compas and learn to use it (with the map you can find online) also learn to find North without a compas.

      if i die i dont do anything but run to the airfield or the nearest office building. once i find a weapon i focus on the rest.

      Saline bloodbags can give you extra blood if you blood is low from bleeding. it will regenerate colors etc aswell

    10. when you are bleeding you can see it in text telling you you are bleeding and later that your clothing is becoming wet or something like that. i will remind you untill youve used bandages

    11. If anyone wants to play dayz standalone with me let me know. steam username is misterreusse

      i have spare weapons in case youre newly spawned 😛

    12. whats your name i need help im new to the game 🙂

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