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How to change the FOV in Prey


    We reported earlier today that although Prey does not have an FOV slider, the FOV can be changed. Arkane has issued a set of instructions to help with the process.

    An FOV slider will be added the game after launch but until that happens it can be changed by doing the following.

    • To enable FOV, edit the game.cfg file in notepad. The file is located in the root Prey folder in your Save Games folder (likely c:\users\\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Prey )
    • Look for cl_hfov = 85.5656
    • 85 is the default horizontal FOV setting, but it can be replaced with values up to 120. (Note – some of the issues we are working on are more noticeable with higher FOV.)

    Although a slider is not yet present, if you do change the FOV through the above method, Arkane had this to say. “During the final phases of testing, we found some bugs we would like to address before officially supporting it, but we wanted you to be able to play with it now! See below for info.”

    In case you were in any doubt, Arkane also reassures players that the game supports Crossfire and SLI. Ultra-widescreen support at 21:9 is also present.

     Update: Read the PC Invasion Technical Review

    Source: Steam.


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