How to activate Alien: Isolation’s Oculus Rift support


    Alien: Isolation isn’t scary enough so why not ramp up the terror meter and activate an Oculus Rift.

    Should you actually own an Oculus Rift then why not run around the corridors avoiding our alien buddy in VR. With a few simple lines of editing, the native Oculus Rift support can be activated in Alien Isolation. Oculus owners have been experimenting with various tweaks and settings since the game launched and there’s now a solution to getting this working.

    To go VR, it’s back the game’s ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML file which is in the Alien Isolation/DATA folder.

    Change the stereo options to…

    <Setting name=”Stereo Mode”>
    <Quality name=”Rift” precedence=”4″/>
    <Quality name=”Off” precedence=”4″/>

    Set the Oculus to Extended Mode

    In the Oculus config utility pause the service

    Start the game

    Reactivate the service and set the display mode to “Direct to Rift”.

    Will it be completely terrifying? With a decent pair of headphones this will probably be quite jumpy so be prepared, and don;t forget to muffle the shrieks so as not to alarm the neighbours.

    This is something we’ll be looking at in the next week or so. Our DK2 has just shipped out.

    Thanks Reddit.

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    1. Oh, hey, I have just the gif for this:

    2. I gotta give it to the space janitors of the future. They did a remarkable job with cleaning and I hope players notice this in oculus mode while they are crouching under tables.

      Maybe this will spawn a new game genre of couching under furniture in video games. I get my couching fever fix by doing it in reality instead of in game format, but to each their own.

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