Act of Aggression Hotkeys Guide

Act of Aggression Hotkeys Guide

Act of Aggression Hotkeys essential to speedy building and good management of attacking and defending forces.

The first thing to do is set your Quick Base Selection key to something other than R which is the default setting.  R is also used in a lot of submenus so it doesn’t work as the Quick Base Selection hotkey all the time which is confusing.

  • Esc > Options > Set to key of your choice.  The HOME key on the keyboard is handy and it’s not set to anything else as default and will take you back to the Quick Base Selection screen no matter what menu or submenu you are in.

US Hotkeys

Press HOME > then…

Learn Defcon 2E
Learn Defcon 1R
Access Defcon 3 MenuZ
Access Defcon 2 MenuX
Access Defcon 1 MenuC
Build = Home > Z (Defcon 3)
MG Nest;
Field HospitalO
Light Vehicles BayL
Logistical CenterG
Build = Home > X (Defcon 2)
Power PlantP
Heavy Vehicles BayH
Air Control CenterQ
Build = Home > C (Defcon 1)
Processing PlantP
LEM Rare EarthE
Administrative CenterC
Dismantle buildingL

Backspace = Return to Main Menu.

Chimera Hotkeys

Press HOME > then…

Learn Shield ProtocolE
Learn Sword ProtocolR
Access Spear Protocol MenuZ
Access Shield Protocol MenuC
Access Sword Protocol MenuX
Build = Home > Z (Spear Protocol Menu)
Sentinel TurretT
Support BayU
Syntech LabL
Spear Vehicle BayV
Rare Earth OutpostQ
Build = Home > C (Shield Protocol Menu)
Air Control CenterQ
Defensive CenterF
Anti-Ballistic CenterB
Build = Home > X (Sword Protocol Menu)
Sword Vehicle BayV
Research LabR
Omega BlitzerO
Dismantle buildingL

Backspace = Return to previous Menu

Cartel Hotkeys

Press HOME > then…

Learn BlackOpsE
Access Private Military MenuZ
Access BlackOps MenuX
Build = Home > Z (Private Military Menu)
Extension ModuleE
Vehicle BayV
Repair CenterC
Build = Home > X (BlackOps Menu)
Tokamak GeneratorG
Prototypes BayP
Air Control CenterQ
Stealth LabL
Underground Stock MarketU
Rare Earth Extension Module;
Railgun TurretR
Thor Control CenterT
Skyguard TurretK
Dismantle buildingL

Backspace = Return to previous Menu

Battlefield Hotkeys

Select all units of the same type.CTRL + Left Click or Double Left Click a unit
Add or remove a unit from the groupSHIFT + Left Click unit
Assigns group the numberCTRL + 0-9 on a group of units
Select group0-9
Sends units/group directly to that point. Will use roads.Right Click
Send unit to each point in turn. Useful to keep units off main roads or sneak them around the edges of the map or enemy base.SHIFT + Left Click on map with unit/group selected
Toggle through individual units in a group one at a time.TAB with group selected
Capture. Order unit to capture person, building or vehicle.C whilst unit selected
Place a Attack FlareF1
Place a Defend FlareF2
Place a Help FlareF3
Place a Custom FlareF4


Camera and View Controls

Move view directionWASD or Arrow Keys
Jump to locationLeft click on minimap
Zoom in and outScroll Mouse Wheel
Rotate Camera viewCTRL + Left/Right Arrows
Jump view to last action alert (i.e “unit is under attack)Spacebar
Satellite View`


Hotkey Notes

  1. Can not build units away from your base. You need to have the building you wish to build from selected and then select what to build.
  2. There is no key to jump your view back to your base. You can left click on your base on the mini map or you can hotkey a structure, like you do with groups. i.e Select your HQ then CTRL + 0 (can use 0-9). Can press 0 or click the thumbnail image of the building to return to base.

act of aggression hotkeys

If you think of any more Act of Aggression Hotkeys that should be included in this leave them in the comments.

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