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Act of Aggression Base Healing and Repair Guide


    In Act of Aggression there are a number of structures, units and upgrades that enable you to heal and repair your base and troops.


    Dustoff – Heals infantry. Transport helicopter built at the Field Hospital that will heal infantry within its vicinity and any that it is carrying. Will heal infantry inside a building such as the Bank.

    Field Hospital – Heals infantry within its vicinity.  Will repair them all at the same time. Must be build near the Barracks.

    Logistical Center – Repairs structures within an area directly around it. It automatically repairs all buildings at the same time for free.  It does not repair itself.

    Hercules – Repairs vehicles and aircraft.  Built via the Logistical Center the Hercules is a mobile repair unit which can repair one vehicle at a time.  Multiple Hercules’ healing effects will stack and heal a single vehicle faster.

    Move a group of vehicles within its repair circle and it will work it’s way through all those that need repairing.


    Autorepair – Heals Exosoldier and Metal Storms (land drone).  An upgrade via the Defensive Center that enables to Exosoldier and Metal Storm to automatically heal themselves.

    Namer – Heals infantry. Transport vehicle built at the Repair Center that can be upgraded with ‘Medical Namer’ via the Repair Center. The Namer will heal any infantry it is carrying and those within its vacinity at the same time.

    Prison – Heals and revives infantry. Grants access to ‘Nanohealing’ and ‘Nano recovery’ allowing you to remotely heal and revive infantry who are out in the field.  It costs for each infantry unit you repair or revive however. Must be build near the Barracks.

    Repair Outpost – Repairs structures and vehicles within its vicinity.  This is a modification to the regular Outpost that is accessible after learning ‘Shield Protocol’.  The radius of the repair zone and repair speed can be extended by learning ‘Advanced Repair System’ via the Outpost itself.


    Brem-80U – Repairs vehicles and aircraft. A mobile repair vehicle built at the Repair Center which can repair one vehicle at a time.  Multiple Brems healing effects will stack and heal a single vehicle faster.

    Medical Subcontractors – Heals infantry. Upgrade available via the Field HQ that enables the Barracks to heal nearby infantry.

    Punisher – Heals nearby infantry. Build punisher at Barracks after learning Black Ops.

    Repair Drones – Repairs structures. An upgrade via the HQ once Black Ops has been learnt. All buildings will heal over time.


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