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How do I get adhesive I keep running out

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asked Jan 10, 2016 by videogamer (400 points)
I'm running out of adhesive for my mods despite picking up lots of junk that breaks down into adhesive.  None of the people in my settlement sell it or anything that I can break down into glue.  Is there an NPC somewhere who stocks it?

1 Answer

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answered Jan 11, 2016 by kalina (890 points)

Adhesive comes from quite a few pieces of junk, each type yields different quantities of adhesive.

  • Adhesive - 1
  • Duct Tape - 1
  • Duct Tape (pack) - 4
  • Duct Tape (military grade) - 4
  • Vegetable starch (craft) - 5
  • Wonderglue (economy) - 2
  • Wonderglue (sealed) - 5

You craft Vegetable Starch at a Cooking Station. It requires 3 x Corn. 3 x Mutfruit, 3 x Tato (all of which you can grow) and 1 x Purified Water. Purified Water can also be crafted with 3 X Dirty Water, again at a Cooking Station.

You can get those vegetables to plant in your own settlement from Graygarden where they grow in a large greenhouse.

graygarden adhesive

Each Vegetable Starch will break down into 5 pieces of adhesive.  When you're crafting mods the game will automatically break down the vegetable starch into adhesive, you don't need to scrap it first through the build menu.

You can also buy Shipments of Adhesive from vendors

  • Good Neighbor - Daisy
  • Diamond City Surplus - Myrna or Percy