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Not Enough Goods to sell message

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asked May 31, 2015 by (1,420 points)

In Cities Skylines I keep getting the message Not Enough Goods to Sell on ambonded buildings.  I have put down industrial zones nearby.  I have no red zones with traffic so the congestion is not a problem.

At the moment I am bulldozing the Abandoned buildings, they rebuild, operate normally for a while then get in trouble again.


Any tips?

1 Answer

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answered Jul 17, 2015 by (660 points)
selected Sep 3, 2015 by rushster
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It can be down to a number of things.

  • You have zoned industrial areas into specific districts (i.e forestry) so you don't have enough variety of goods being manufactured in your industrial zones.  Don't specialise all of your industrial areas, leave some generic.
  • You're building a cleaner city, favouring office areas rather than industrial and offices don't produce goods.
  • Your traffic is congested so delivery trucks are too slow reaching your commercial outlets and they run out of goods and abandoned. Check your public transport is doing the job of reducing traffic density (less cars).
  • You've banned heavy traffic somewhere along the route from industrial to commercial.
  • You don't have enough freight train stations and frieght harbours to import goods.